7 Advantages of Flexible Packaging Over Rigids

It’s undeniable that flexibles are the fastest growing segment of the packaging industry, expected to reach a market cap of about $248 billion (yes, nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars!) by 2020 according to a recent study by Smithers Pira. In addition to growth among the product classes that are already packaged in flexibles, Read more about 7 Advantages of Flexible Packaging Over Rigids[…]

Why Use a Degassing Valve?

Have you ever noticed the rigid circular button-like object at the center of certain pouches and flexible bags? It’s called a one-way degassing valve, often used on fermented food and coffee packaging. Typically made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the degassing valve’s purpose is to periodically allow gas to exit out from the inside of the package when the Read more about Why Use a Degassing Valve?[…]