July 21, 2016

Graphics Support



Are you just starting off with your packaging design and looking for some fresh ideas? Or is your artwork simply incomplete and you’re in need of polishing it to perfection? No worries! FlexiblePouches.com offers graphics assistance and support to help you get the ball rolling on your packaging. Remember that the importance of your packaging cannot be overstated – how your package looks has a very direct impact on your sales, and something as simple as poor color selection can lead to upwards of an 80% loss in brand recognition!

We employ professional graphics personnel who can assist with everything from graphic design to finalizing artwork for rotogravure printing application. Additionally, if you have your artwork in a format that isn’t well suited to professional grade printing (such as a JPEG) we can help convert it into a format that is going to look phenomenal once printed onto a pouch or other flexible package.


Upload your artwork or contact us today for more information along with a free quote!