July 21, 2016

Pouching & Filling



Whether you’re packpouchingaging tablets, snacks, motor oil, or candy, you’ll want a finished product that’s ready for filling. FlexiblePouches.com uses high-speed pouching machines to rapidly make printed film into finalized pouches with a variety of seal & gusset types. The pouching process is fairly high-tech because a single web of rollstock is converted in a singular assembly line process into a pouch. This means that all features such as the bottom gusset, tear notches, zippers, as well as the complex heat sealing around the periphery of the pouch must be implemented in a smooth and seamless pass.

Next, the pouches are ready for filling. FlexiblePouches.com can help with the filling through an automated process performed domestically, supplying you with the final filled product for a hassle-free, turnkey flexible packaging solution. Alternatively, if you wish to handle the filling yourself, the pouches can be shipped directly to your warehouse or co-packer of choice. Note, however, that most co-packers are specialized and have very specific requirements for the product type and pouch style in order to contract filling services. Performing adequate due diligence when selecting a filler, therefore, is paramount.