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Fully customized flexible packaging

• Shipped in 10 business days or less
• Low minimums of 1000 preformed pouches
• No plates or cylinders required

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World class technology.

With our HP Indigo 20000, the world's most advanced digital printer for films, we produce customized flexible packaging in quantities as few as 1000 preformed pouches.

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*All films, materials, and inks we use are BPA free and safe for food contact as determined by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Barrier Films Engineered
for Maximum Shelf Life

All flexible packaging is constructed out of film laminate structures, which itself consists of engineered barrier films "sandwiched" or laminated together to minimize oxygen, moisture, and light transmission.

We take your project's specific needs into careful consideration in order to help you select a fit-for-purpose yet cost effective film laminate.

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Stand Up Pouches

These high barrier resealable bags are the trendiest packaging style on the market, designed to stand up and stand out against the competition.

Go to Flat Pouches

Flat Pouches

Ideal for smaller quantities such as single serve fills, these pouches are designed to maximize your product’s shelf life without breaking the bank.

Go to Side Gusseted Bags

Side Gusseted Bags

Sturdy with superior flexible film construction, side gusseted bags can replace box-based packaging in either a flat-bottom or quad seal configuration.

Go to Rollstock


Our printed rollstock is engineered and customized to your exact specifications. Use it to convert your own products using a flow wrap or form-fill-seal process.

Your packaging is the voice of your brand.
Make it louder than the competition's.

unlock your sales potential

Our eco-friendly flexible packaging products are guaranteed to improve your bottom line.
Every year, 95% of all new products fail because of poor packaging

Research has shown staggering statistics of increasingly impulsive behavior when it comes to consumers at the retail shelves. No matter how unique or amazing your product is, it won't sell if the packaging is ineffective.

In addition to branding and aesthetic appeal, your packaging must consider ease of handling and adequate shelf life. No customer will repeat a purchase if the product leaked out of its package, emitted a strong odor, or went stale and lost its freshness prematurely.

At, we are here to help you communicate your brand's value to your customers. With graphics and materials selection support, we'll develop your packaging blueprint. Then, we'll employ a reverse printing technique using the highest quality rotogravure presses to ultimately deliver a flexible packaging solution that will help you win in your sales!

  • Every year, new products fail due to a lack of consideration for packaging

  • An average consumer spends as little as 5 seconds to both locate & select a product on a store shelf, from 3-6 ft away

  • The potential for increase in brand awareness JUST by improving color selection

  • Most customers would not repeat a purchase if the package leaked or failed to dispense the product the first time

Want free samples of our flexible pouches? Contact us today.