July 4, 2016

Flat Bottom Pouches

Flat bottom pouches also go by the name side-gusseted bags, and are designed as a flexible substitute to a box or bag. Typically all four sides plus at least two of the bottom edges have gusseted seals, resulting in a totally flat bottom surface on which the pouch sits. Commonly, these bags are used for packaging ground or whole coffee beans, loose leaf teas, and products that are otherwise sold in a box with an inner plastic bag such as cereal. Also common on these bags is the use of gas release valves—particularly when packaging coffee beans. This is due to an excess accumulation of carbon dioxide which is released from coffee beans that are freshly roasted.



Our flat bottom pouches are manufactured using specially engineered plastic films designed to keep your product fresh. Of course, flat bottom pouches can be produced in a variety of finishes including clear, metallized, or matte. With a full customization an option as always, you’re guaranteed complete satisfaction here at flexiblepouches.com!


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