August 23, 2016

Oils, Lubricants and Chemicals Packaging

Increasingly, products such as motor oil, water and non-water based lubricants, and other chemicals are packaged in flexible packaging. The exceptional portability, convenience, barrier protection, and branding offered by a stand up pouch are all compelling reasons to ditch the rigid container. Commonly, corner handles and spouts are employed to facilitate ease of handling and pouring.



Unlike food packaging where adhesive lamination is the primary means to create a sheet from multiple layers of barrier films, extrusion lamination is used to create flexible laminates that package oils and chemicals. This prevents delamination and degredation of the material, preserving the integrity and superior performance of flexible packaging. has the experience to engineer high performance flexible packaging, designed to cater to our customers’ specifications. As always, features including those listed below and others are available upon request on all of our products:

  • Re-closable Ziplocks
  • Closable Spouts
  • Tear Notches
  • Release Valves
  • Handles or hang holes