February 9, 2018

Retort Pouches

A special type of flexible package known as a retort or retortable pouch is designed to withstand the thermal processing associated with sterilization. Retort packaging can keep food products fresh for years as it’s constructed out of specialized film laminates capable of tolerating temperatures up to 120 ᵒC (250 ᵒF). This heating capability makes retort pouch packaging microwavable and therefore an excellent option for heat-and-eat or cook-in-a-bag meals. Contents can be packaged either raw or pre-cooked.

As a flexible alternative to traditional canning, retort packaging is eco-friendly and light weight. Using over 95% less material than comparable rigid packaging, flexible retort bags allow for uniform heating resulting in a more even flavor profile and texture of the cooked contents.

As with all other product offerings, FlexiblePouches can custom manufacture retort packaging to your exact specifications, including full color and full bleed rotogravure prints using FDA grade water-based inks.

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