Flexible Pouches

Custom Printed Rollstock

Custom Printed Rollstock is what you need for creating pouches on your own automated form, fill, and seal line. It’s most commonly used to form fin seal bags, lay flat pouches, sachets and stick packs.

Bring your packaging to life with the following features:


Quality Assurance

Every pouch goes through a strict Quality Control process, ensuring the highest quality on every run.

Certified Production

Our manufacturing facilities are BRC-GS certified, the highest level for Food Packaging Safety.

High-Barrier Films

We only use films and materials that are recognized by the FDA as food contact safe. All inks are water based.
A printed roll of laminated film typically goes through either a vertical (left) or horizontal (right) Form, Fill, & Sealing (FFS) line to fill your product into a bag that is simultaneously being formed and heat sealed shut.
*Digitally printed custom rollstock ships out in about 7 business days and can be delivered to most destinations around the world within 2-3 weeks. Rotogravure printing – the kind of print that uses printing cylinders – requires longer production timelines and is not an economical option for most low-volume runs.

LOW MOQ OF 300 m2.

Our custom rollstock can be produced using any of our high-barrier films and is compatible with vertical and horizontal FFS lines, flow wrappers, and stick pack formers. Ask about free test rolls for new projects!

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