July 20, 2016

Custom Printed Rollstock

All flexible packaging products start off in printed rollstock form before toll converting. Toll converting is the part of the manufacturing process where the end product – whether it’s a pouch, bag, wrapper, or any other package – is finalized as either preform or filled & sealed with the contents.

Because about 75% of a final flexible package’s cost comes from the film, lamination, and printing, there’s an appreciable amount of money to be saved in even just custom printed rollstock. While FlexiblePouches.com generally provides a turnkey solution to most customers, we understand that some companies simply wish to toll convert their packaging themselves.


Form, fill, & seal (FFS) starts with printed rollstock, and in a singular process converts the film into a pouch or bag, fills it with the product, and seals it closed so that it is ready for the store shelf. FFS is common for products such as chips bags, and can be vertical (left) or horizontal (right).


Whether your product is intended to be filled at a specialized contract packager or in-house via a form, fill, & seal (FFS) process, FlexiblePouches.com will provide you with the highest quality, custom printed rollstock.

Since rotogravure printing is used and manufacturing is done overseas, your quality is unparalleled and costs unbeatable.