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Material Options

material options for pouches

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Our materials consist of specialized barrier films engineered to keep oxygen, moisture, and other contaminants out, maximizing your product’s freshness.

All films, inks and raw materials we use in the manufacture of flexible pouches are FDA grade and safe for food contact.

Additionally, all pouches are heat sealable, usually incorporating an innermost layer known as LLDPE or Linear Low Density Polyethylene. You have the choice of either a high gloss, matte, or soft touch matte finish.

biodegradable pouches


Any of our packaging products can be made using a 100% biodegradable Kraft-PLA film structure. Learn more about eco friendly options here.

compostable packaging



Introducing a HIGH BARRIER, 100% home compostable material for any of our pouch styles. Choose between White, Brown, or Black Kraft Paper.

recyclabel pouches


We can make any of our pouches using a mono-material LDPE film laminate that would be fully recyclable. 

Conforms with How2Recycle Guidelines.

clear poly pouches

Clear Poly

A transparent film laminate containing a high barrier, 48-gauge oriented polyester film layer. Achieve a clean look with Clear Poly and optionally add a window knockout for product viewing of any shape or size at no cost.
metalized poly packaging

Metalized Poly

A fully opaque 3-layer structure with a vacuum metalized polyester film layer in the middle for improved barrier properties. Embolden your art with metallic shine effects for your logo, graphics, or anywhere else on your bag at no cost when selecting Metalized Poly.
poly aluminum foil packaging

Poly Aluminum Foil

Our most advanced film structure with a 7-micron thick layer of aluminum foil in the middle, blocking nearly 100% of oxygen, water vapor, and UV/light. Ideal for products with very long shelf life requirements, or those needing a strong odor barrier. Like Metalized Poly, Poly-Aluminum Foil is a fully opaque structure and allows metallic effects anywhere on your art at no cost.
kraft poly pouches

Kraft Poly

An earthy material option for brands wanting to add a sense of rawness to their packaging. Kraft Poly consists of white or brown kraft paper laminated to high barrier poly layers and an inner heat sealable film. Have your graphics cover the bag entirely edge to edge or just partially, letting the natural kraft color convey your brand’s message. Limited window knockouts and shapes are possible depending on bag style and size.
metalized kraft packaging

Metalized Kraft

An opaque version of the Kraft Poly film with improved barrier properties due to the use of a vacuum metalized polyester film in the middle. No window knockouts or metallic effects can be incorporated on Metalized Kraft pouches.