Flexible Pouches

Effects & Other Custom Options

effects and custom options packaging

Effects & Custom Options

Here at Flexible Pouches, the possibilities are endless. Explore more of our custom options below.

Window Knockouts

Take advantage of giving the consumer a view of your product with a window of any shape or size anywhere on your bag when selecting a Clear Poly material. Always free.
window knockouts pouches
metallic shine effects pouches

Metallic Shine Effects

Embolden your logos, text, or background colors with metallic shine effects when selecting either a Metalized Poly or Poly Aluminum Foil film structure. We never charge for metallic effects.

Holographic Effects

Bring your art to life with complex holographic effects across the entire bag when using Metalized Poly. A holographic coating is applied to the film prior to production to achieve this look.
holographic effects packaging
push to close zipper packaging

Push-to-Close Zippers, Tear Notches, Hang Holes, Rounded Corners

Take advantage of any of these free features on all of our packaging product styles.
pull tab zipper pouches

Pull-Tab Zipper

Ditch the tear notches and use a pull tab zip closure instead. Also known as a pocket zipper, this style is especially popular on flat bottom coffee bags and can also be implemented on stand up pouches.
de-gas valves packaging

De-Gas Valves

Let us put degas valves anywhere on your bag to maintain a normal pressure when packaging products such as coffee beans.

Shaped Pouches

Get creative and choose a fully customizable shape for your pouch.
shaped pouches
spouted packaging

Spouted Pouches

Want to directly pour your product from the pouch? Add a pour spout to either the corner or top of your custom printed pouches. MOQ for custom spout bags is 20,000 per SKU.