July 4, 2016

The Importance of Your Packaging

“The Outset of Every Product’s Allure Lies in Its Packaging”

UnknownDid you know that every year, about 95% of all new products fail? The reason is simple: most customers judge a book by its cover; their impulsive decision to make a purchase (or not) is often based almost exclusively on its external allure – your packaging! A consumer’s first interaction with any product is generally its packaging, and an appealing package may entice someone to try a new product that they’re unfamiliar with.

But what exactly about the packaging makes it appealing? Companies spend a considerable amount of time and effort deciding on the colors, shapes, and logos to include on their packaging. And rightfully so: if the packaging fails to draw the attention of a prospective consumer, he or she won’t even consider purchasing. In the retail space products compete for attention with hundreds or even thousands of others, literally right next to them. Standing out requires a vivid display of art printed with impeccable quality. FlexiblePouches.com uses the world-class rotogravure printing process, producing the highest color density and resolution possible for your flexible packaging. The consistency in rotagravure’s print quality ensures that your flexible pouches are indistinguishable whether we run 5,000 or 5,000,000 pieces.



In addition to standing out from the crowd, including key pieces of information concisely is paramount. Once your product has the attention of a prospective buyer, you want to be sure to quickly convey what’s unique about it and why it deserves the sale over all the others. Impulse buying has become the norm, particularly in an era today when consumers face greater time pressures and purchase fewer products. Depending on your product, details about how to use, store, dispose of, or recycle your product should also be present and may even be required by law.

Ultimately, your packaging tells a story about not only your product but also your brand. When consumers become comfortable with a specific brand, they tend to identify with it and in turn gravitate towards the packaging that’s gained their trust and satisfaction.

Regardless of your company’s size and where you are in the packaging design process, FlexiblePouches.com is here to help. We understand that small ventures and startups simply cannot afford to lose business due compromises in either the design or quality their packaging. We’ll help you create your packaging and then offer the lowest minimum runs in the industry, with the capability to scale up with you as your business grows. Allow FlexiblePouches.com to help you with all your flexible packaging needs. Upload your artwork for a quote today!